Have you ever felt like having sex while on vacation seems better than what happens in the bedroom at home? That’s right. There’s something about being on a vacation that makes sex so much hotter. With that in mind, Sydney escorts decided to delve into some of the reasons why.


Sex is hotter when you are away from your daily routine. Travel and vacations take people out of their normal routines because you tend to see different things and you feel differently.


There’s a reason that hotel sex notably hot because if you’re in a hotel, you are away from your everyday habits and you can assent your barrier behind with your accountability and constraints. Your sexual self gets prerogative and so does your sex life.


When you’re in a vacation, you are more relaxed. If you’re in a romantic trip for two, you are not negotiating with stressful meetings at work, altercation with your family or piles of laundry. The who day are your to do whatever you want to do with her or him.


The more relaxed you are, the more likely you are to enjoy sex because you are not distracted by everyday issues and responsibilities. Nothing can distract you from your pleasure.


Vacation is so exciting because you’re in a new place where everything is different and new to the both of you. The excitement that you feel can help rev up your sex life. Shedding your skin everyday lets you feel like a lot of things are possible.


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We love having intimate actions with our clients and we always introduced them to new positions that we’ve learned. We, the Escorts in Sydney have new positions that you have never heard of and you need to try it with us, now!


I know you guys are tired of busting out the same moves you have been using and it’s time to spice up your actions. These new positions of ours will guarantee you that these are not your run of the mill, been there or done that sex positions.


The schoolhouse rock position will make you rock, first, we will use a chair with a sturdy back and have you sit in front of us. We will straddle you with our feet on the floor and slowly lowering ourselves onto your erection with our knees bent and once you’re fully penetrated, we will begin to slowly rock back and forth.


As you remain standing and lift us up so we can wrap our legs around your waist. You will cup our buttock and slowly move to enter, controlling the depth of penetration. We will have you stand near a bed or wall for balance. This position is great for us women who really like it when our men are in control and have some serious upper body strength.


Twizzler is the best position for sleepy morning sex. In a spooning position, we will slide one leg forward in front of us giving you access to our girly parts. You will manoeuvre your top leg between ours until our legs are open enough for you to penetrate us. This kind of position allows for deeper penetration and requires very little effort from either of you.



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Men love it when we please them and they love to please women too. But what if you’re a type of guy who always holds back when it comes to oral action that girls crave.


Here, we will share you some sexy tactics that Sydney escorts do to lure you into spending more quality time south of her border.


Receiving oral sex would be the number one in the top slots because it’s also an ultra pleasurable primer for intercourse. Too few women are getting the oral attention that they desire and they really wished that their guy treated them to it more often.


Oral sex is one of the favourite ways of men to please their women but why other men are holding back? Maybe they are afraid to ask for direction and young males can be selfish in bed because they’re focusing more on their own desire.


Sydney Escorts will do all the things to get you to go there and when you press your body against her that’s the signal for the main event. She will whisper “I’d be really heated up if you do kiss me down there first.” You will assure that your current moves satisfy her but it shows that she has another need that she wants to address.



You guys are visual and when you see her full-monty Brazilian may be the incentive to get you to linger between her legs. Seeing her privates so exposed is very exciting and this sexy sight would make you want to explore orally. Some men don’t spend more time in teasing her southern regions maybe because they aren’t sure what to do but our escort girl will guide you with her body.




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Men loved to be touched in his special places and touching these little known moan zones won’t just relax you but it will send your libido soaring.


See how many sensual massages that our Sydney Escorts can give to you before you beg for a different kind of action.

Using her two fingers from each hand, she will press gently into your temples for several seconds simultaneously.


She will slowly glide her fingers down your cheeks at the same time, many tiny circular motions as she inches down your face. When she reaches your jaw, she will trace your lips softly with her one index finger.


Caressing the front of your neck stimulates your thyroid that regulates body functions including your energy and sex drive. She will start tracing circles around your Adam’s apple with one fingertip in wide fluid motions. She will brush her lips along the hollow of your throat and massage the area with her tongue in wide and soft circles.


Your ear has a hidden male erogenous zone packed with nerve endings that connect to your package. She will gently squeeze and pull your earlobe between her thumb and forefinger while simultaneously using her tongue to trace the C-shaped zone on the outer edge of your ear. It will really tickle you.


Your skin is rough and tough but the right pressure will charge your libido. She will circle your outer palm with the pads of her fingers and she will slowly make her way to the centre which is the most sensitive area. She will lightly squeeze the webs between each finger with her thumb and forefinger.



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Every client that we have has secret memories of pre-sex moves and as much as they love twisting the sheets with us, these secret memories won’t go away.


Escorts in Sydney knows how to add something to your repertoire and she will steal the best foreplay ever trophy from you ex-lover once and for all.


She will give you an oral and always incorporate her hands. She will wrap her hand around your shaft and use the other one to massage and lightly tug your boys. You will feel a lot of sensations down there and you will love it. She will give attention to your earlobe, anytime she will nibble or sucked on it between making out and stroking you. You will feel the electric currents all the way down to your package.


Role-playing adds excitement to your action, she will tie your wrist together behind your back and she will order you to pleasure her with your mouth. Being restrained and commanded like that was excruciating in the best possible way. Escorts in Sydney love to pay attention to your nipples and she will spend several intense minutes licking and biting them and it will really amp everything up.


She also likes pleasuring herself in front of you and it will be the sexiest thing you will ever see. In that way, it will give you an idea of what strokes she like and how to blow her in bed.


While you’re making out with each other, she will suck your fingers and giving you the taste of what she planned on using below the belt. She will go down on you with her back arched and her butt sticking up like a pin-up poster and this sexy pose will give you an incredible view of her curves.



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Talking dirty makes you hot more and more, magic words that will take you to new heights of excitement.


Your sexual desires will be satisfied if you know the physical factors that should always be present: how to touch each other, the sex positions you try and the body parts that you give attention to.


But aside from that, another thing that you shouldn’t miss is the words you utter. Speaking or hearing erotically charged words stimulates dopamine transmission that plays a big role in your deed and it can enhance your physical and emotional intensity.


The phrase “I’m coming” is what most guys get hotter than any other. This phrase is so simple yet very powerful. It’s like the sex version of bacon, men really love it. Being a great lover is a prime source of pride for guys and if you tell him that you are about to orgasm is the proof that he satisfies you.


He got you so aroused that you’re already out of control and if tried this phrase, you couldn’t control yourself from tumbling over the edge.


Telling him about your orgasm’s arrival is amps for anticipation for that pivotal moment and it enhances the enjoyment for the two of you. Most men are ready to climax before women and this phrase gives him permission to come.




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The goal of our escort service agency is to give our clients the satisfaction that they are looking for so that they will come back for our services again and again.


Sydney Escorts wants to give you pleasure not just by our companionship but also in bed and we love to pleasure you manually through hand job.


Pleasuring you manually whether it’s a prelude to penetration or an erotic act itself is an incredibly sexy sack skill. She will have you lie on your back and straddle your thighs, gently rub some water-based lube on your package. She will wrap her fingers around your member firmly but gently.


Moving her fist up and down to your shaft in slow and steady motion. Variation of moves is the key ingredients to a moan-worthy hand job so we need to mix up the speed and pressure as your arousal grows. We pay special attention to your special sensitive corona; the ridge where the head meets the shaft and the frenulum; the thin ridge that runs the length of the underside of his penis. Massaging them with her fingers will make you swoon.


We also use our hands in tandem, doubling your pleasure and we will give you an incredibly erotic two-hander. She will form a ring using her thumb and forefinger at the base of your shaft, gently tug downward while she simultaneously fondling your testicles with her other hand.


She will handle your member with her hands working in precision, one hand is scaling down your shaft followed directly by the other hand making a gentle twisting motion on the way down and this will make your toes curl. As you near orgasm, she will continue stroking your shaft with her hand as she gently massages your perineum; the nerve-packed stretch skin between your anus and testicles and you will really be on fire.


We are always willing to please you, the technique is an attitude and you will really have fun with us.



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You will be happy seeing our Escorts in Sydney naked in your bed and not only that; she will give you the best orgasm ever that you will never forget.


Our girls will not just make you happy in bed but they will make you satisfied and coming back for more.

When she is giving you an oral, she slowly slides her mouth all the way down to the base of your penis. In her mouth, she will make a vacuum suction as she slowly drag herself back up and she will release it with a popping noise. She loves pressing your perineum and it will give you waves of pleasure.


Men love mouth-love session and our girls love licking their fingers in front of you. She loves making a show of spreading it all around your member with her tongue and you will really lose it. Bringing you to the sexual stratosphere, she will stimulate the three pleasure points at the same time as you climax.


She will cup your balls gently and presses your perineum at the same time. Plus you inside her and three erogenous zones being stimulated are a very intense feeling for you.


A boob job is also one of the best things that guys love especially that our girls have huge boobs; it will really make you explode while doing it. While you slowly thrust into her cleavage, she will gently lick or suck the head of your member and you will really love the visual combination of the sensation of yours.



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Have you tried having two girls in bed? Well, you should try it only here in Sydney Escort Service.


Some of us are very experimental when it comes to our sexual pleasure and having a threesome is one of the sexual fantasies of the many. For guys, a threesome may be the holy grail of sexual encounters but you aren't the only ones dying to get another body in the bedroom.


Or maybe it's the increasing prevalence of girl-on-girl action in pop culture. Whatever reason, girls are more open than ever to the erotic joys of a threesome.


Moving to a three-party system is rarely complication-free. Like love triangles that even ones last only a few hours can be hotbeds of jealousy, confusion and awkwardness. To pull off a threesome successfully, you have to know the most important rules of three.


For men, the appeal of a threesome is a no-brainer. Two boobs are awesome and the thought of four at once is enough to give your erection an erection but for women, the allure might not be so obvious. Some say the idea of helping a guy fulfil his ultimate fantasy is as titillating to them as it is to you.


For other women, the idea of getting attention from two people at once is its own incentive. There's even a chance that women are better equipped to enjoy threesome than men, women are great multitaskers, excellent communicators and have a ton of sexual endurance. This combination adds up to sexual dynamite when a third partner joins the action.


The most lethal enemy of the threesome is jealousy and a natural risk when three people get together especially if two of them are partners in a committed relationship. So how can you pursue a threesome while avoiding the messy side effects? It's essential to gauge her interest in a casual way.


Bringing it up constantly will only make you look obsessed which will make her think you're desperate to sleep with someone new and even if it's true, it's not going to get what you want. To avoid hurt feelings or an encounter derailed by miscommunication, it’s essential to set ground rules, who can do what with whom before any clothes come off.


The three people should sit down first and agree what they want from the experience. Agreeing to play by her rules will make her feel comfortable and erase any lingering doubts she might have. And maybe the next time she’ll make all your dreams come true.



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Men love to be great at everything. Good at work, good at home, great husband, a great son and most especially great in bed.


Best Sydney Escorts will teach you how to be the best when it comes to bed because all of us want to be great in bed. According to a sex researcher, the nipple is very much like the clitoris; it is also very sensitive and loves attention. Keep in mind that you should not touch it all the time.


The sensitive area doesn’t mean that you should touch there first and instead, you should pay attention to the top area of her breasts first, next is the bottoms, sides and the nipples. Most of us don’t realize that the tops of the breasts are actually the most sensitive part of the breasts.


Studies have shown that women who are more comfortable with their genitals are not only open in receiving oral sex but they also enjoy it more and they orgasm more. It makes them more sex-positive all around. So next time when you’re busy down there, tell her how much you love her looks, taste and feels. And it will benefit both of you in the long run.


Most of us know that we should engage in foreplay first but not all of us know what it is actually. Heading straight in the clitoris is not foreplay and in fact, most women prefer to be aroused before you head to that area. Before going to business, make use of your time. Caress her skin, undress each other, explore and kiss other sensitive parts of the body. When you get aroused your body changes the way it experiences touch.


Don’t limit yourself and her pleasure to her clitoris. The G-spot and the AFE zone (anterior frontal erogenous zone) are great places to start. G-spot can be found several inches inside the vagina, located on the front wall (the side that her belly button is on) and the AFE zone (also on the front wall) is up several inches behind the G-spot. So keep in mind these tips for you to be wild and great in bed. Good luck!


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